SOCIAL Responsibility 

Curry King Vinny has always been a locally active individual to contributing to the needs of others, assisting, donating and sponsoring where he felt necessary, in Goa, India. During COVID-19 Curry King Vinny recognised a dire need for the underprivileged families and took the opportunity with both hands to serve his community. He achieved this by using his restaurants in partnership with Shishu Bhavan – Child Day Care Centre to cater nutritious food to those most in need. In addition, he became instrumental in organising, cooking and providing food for the stray dogs in Calangute and Arpora area of Goa, daily.


It was the response of the community and these families, in particular the children, where Curry King Vinny realised his dream - to cater his food to the World and so was the birth of Relish Spice Mix. 


Curry King Vinny will continue to support this charity and cater food to these families on a monthly basis and in doing so we would like to contribute more and therefore would love our customers to be part of this initiative. We pledge to donate a percentage of our annual profits to this charity, so every Relish Spice Mix bought is one step closer to feeding a family and educating a child. 


Should you like to read more about the Shishu Bhavan Project please click here and [(13) Shishu Bhavan Child day care centre Goa India | Facebook]. 


We are also in the process of embarking on a new corporate partnership in support of the Tiger Reserves. Here at Relish Spice Mix we feel that this is of paramount importance. The Tiger population is quickly becoming beyond endangered and is in desperate need of sponsorship. Our love of India and passion to preserve these powerful, majestic and graceful animals makes this our top priority for 2021. Be proud to know that your purchase of a Relish Spice Mix will be contributing to saving these magnificent Tigers.  


Watch this space for updates on your contributions, these initiatives and follow our blog for those heart moving stories :-).