Relish commitment

Here at Relish Spice Mix, we are extremely conscientious about our impact on the environment and
we make it our duty to ensure that we contribute towards saving our planet, where we can. We are
consistently re-invigorating our footprint in the world by implementing and following various climate
change initiatives and the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle methodology:


REDUCE – we proactively only provide printed materials with our products when it is a packaged gift.
We chose not to provide individually printed recipes and opted to direct our customers to use our
on-line recipes page instead, thereby reducing waste and resources used and giving our customer
the choice and liberty of how they would like to view these recipes.


REUSE – initially we started our business, already using recycled tins. Unfortunately, as our business
grew this method was unsustainable, and we had to resource newly made products. However, we
continue to use tin as opposed to plastic, for example and these tins are designed for long-lasting
one-time use. It is our expectation that our customers purchase these to use time and time again, be
it with a refill of our product or another alternative use. Regardless, it is our intention to see these
products being used in a household for good kitchen decoration and sustainable use.
In addition, we re-use other service provider boxes and packaging that are donated to us, to post our
products in, when available.


RECYCLE – our tins, the boxes, paper materials and most packaging provided are all fully recyclable
and there is extremely limited waste with Relish Spice Mixes that cannot either be reused or



We recognise that change happens by continually striving to improve and here at Relish Spice Mix
we are continuously looking for realistic and sustainable solutions to decrease our carbon footprint
and implement a more sustainable reduce, reuse, recycle message without compromising our
We are in the process of resourcing better ways to deliver our products and cut carbon emissions
and we are focused on developing a bigger initiative for the drop off of boxes and packaging, to be
reused for our delivery.
In addition, each Relish Spice Mix that is purchased by YOU, is contributing to the charities that we
support. We have made it our mission to assist in the welfare of poor families, in particular the
children and the saviour of our Tigers and for every Relish Spice Mix bought an overall percentage is
donated to these charities.


Should you wish to read more about the charities we support and our
personal involvement, please click here