our story

After some thought, we decided that Indian cuisine needed a much needed face lift. Our vision was and is to re-invent and revitalise Indian cuisine and dining as we know it. We want to bring some colour, life and excitement back into how it is perceived! 


As a busy society you need quick and easy, light and fun products and it was in that moment of wanting to provide a modern twist to Indian cuisine that Relish Spice Mix was born.


Our brand speaks for itself. It is the heart of India, combining authentic high quality spices, specially sourced and tested by curry king vinny himself to being encompassed by the colours of the flag. Each spice mix is especially cultivated to provide unique flavours and special recipes have been developed to provide the best taste quickly and easily and the icing on the cake has to be the aesthetically pleasing light, almost neo design on the outside! 


Relish Spice Mix is revolutionary in the way you will think, feel and taste Indian Cuisine and we can't wait to have you try it! 


Watch this space for new and exciting upcoming products.