Curryking Vinny

My name is Vinny or as most like to call me “Chef Vinny”! I have over 23 years’ experience working in the hospitality industry in various capacities. 

My journey with food, first began as a young boy in my small local village in India at my Grandmothers’ little homerun café and at home where I assisted my mother feed the 5,000!  It was in that moment, that I developed the love of food and the pleasure of combining ingredients and experimenting with flavours to create unique fusion dishes.  

Overtime, this has transpired into a passion of satisfying patrons with a memorable dining experience and teaching the essence, importance and respect of food with my educational and fun cooking classes.

I opened my first restaurant 7 years ago called Relish Unique Dining & Bar in Goa, India (Relish) and since then opened another restaurant and coffee house & bar. The Relish brand has taken a life of it's own and there is no looking back. I hope you enjoy my Relish Spice Mixes as much as I enjoy making them and until next time, eat curry and be merry :-). 


We are highly rated on Trip Advisor and the social media platforms and so it was because of the love of my patrons, that the offer of my cooking lessons was cultivated ;-). Since then and due to the various covid restrictions, there has been an increased demand for me to share those best kept secrets of the food that they love so much and so "Relish Spice Mixes" was born!

Watch this space for my up and coming cooking book, "A Spoonful of Vinny" (and who knows what else lol)!

My cooking classes are not just about showing you how to cook, but are designed to provide an in-depth knowledge and understanding about Indian cuisine; from the ingredients you use to the importance of order you add such ingredients and the temperature you cook such ingredients at.  

My method is to provide an easy step by step formula, so that every individual can recreate the dishes they like to eat, with ease at home and to their personal taste.