Cooking with 

Curryking Vinny

Chef Vinny says...

My cooking classes are not just about showing you how to cook, but are designed to provide an in-depth knowledge and understanding about Indian cuisine; from the ingredients you use to the importance of order you add such ingredients and the temperature you cook such ingredients at.  

My method is to provide an easy step by step formula, so that every individual can recreate the dishes they like to eat, with ease at home and to their own personal taste.

The goal is to help everyone learn how to cook Indian food without intimidation. The content is fun and educational - I like to provide historical and medicinal elements as I go along. There is a little something for everyone and the process is as simple and easy as 1,2,3!

I will have you become a pro in no time ;-)! Book your spot today!

 ...this says a lot about Vinny

He is passionate about helping others achieve great curries to be enjoyed by all! It really is "Curries made Easy"!